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Mark Elliot-Ranken

Dr Mark Elliot-Ranken’s work has seen a steady refinement towards a minimalist aesthetic concentrating on surface, language and the exploration of space. His current works are large enigmatic canvases with a restricted palette concentrating on the act of painting and the ongoing creation of visual language exploring the terrain of the sub-conscious. Mark sees his work as dynamic expressions of space explored through the language of poetic mark-making. Mark has been working as an artist and arts educator for two decades both within Australia and internationally. His work has been collected by both public and private collectors such as the Earl Lew collection in Singapore, the Prudential collection, USA and IGL Australia. His work has followed a path toward non-figuration, and a reductive aesthetic. As a nomad carries only essential material possessions, staying light and mobile, then so has my work stripped itself down to essentials. This is the nomad strategy. “This is the language of liberation - a state we all need to obtain to live rather than simply exist.” -Mark Elliot-Ranken.


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